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Why I Became A Dog Behaviourist

Training your dog is not about tough love or who is the top dog.

Although I have had dogs all my life, nothing prepared me for the broken, wild dog that arrived at my home one Sunday night. I could tell that the poor dog that stood hunched up before me was a truly broken animal. After a few weeks and some very unusual behaviour, Champy started to bite family members for no reason. He became very aggressive towards my wife and he was very reactive to other dogs out on walks. I took him to the vet to see if there were any medical problems, there wasn't.

We had 3 different behaviourists turn up and none of them could suggest anything positive or point me in the right direction, and things were not improving. My dog had to be muzzled in the house and on walks, which was not nice for him. But I had to do it because he would still attack my wife and anyone else. He was a big dog and believe me, those bites hurt. I didn't know what to do for this dog. We wanted to help him but we didn't know how. We had spent hundreds on behaviourists and nothing worked or improved anything. I took him to training classes to try and help him with his socialisation but had to remove him from the class as he was so stressed and tried to bite the trainer.

We did talk about having him put to sleep, but we could see that there was a good dog in there. I realised that the only people that could help him was us. I enrolled in a behaviourist course full time and studied hard. The course opened up everything, it gave me the tools I needed to help our dog. I was lucky that I had the time to go on the course and a very understanding wife.

There is a lot more to the story but I think I have given enough information for now. Almost any behavioural problem can be helped with the correct approach and understanding, all without any kind of punishment. The old ways will never cure a broken damaged dog, only positive, science-based methods work.

I'm happy to say that Champy turned out to be a lovely, kind dog and went on to live a very happy life.

Fully Qualified

Rest assured knowing I am a fully qualified and recognised dog behaviour specialist. I currently hold a number of qualifications, including:

  • British College of Canine Studies Diploma Advanced Canine Behaviour (Level 4 Diploma)
  • Understanding & Working with Canine Behaviour Analysis & Application (level 5 Diploma)
  • Pet Care Trust accreditation

A Tailored Approach To Dog Behaviour

I am happy to work with dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments. Whether you have a dog which has had a troubled life with previous owners, or a puppy that's never been properly socialised, I will give 100% to ensure you and your canine can both enjoy a happy, worry-free life.

In the old days, punishment was the main way of dealing with an unruly dog. Not here. At Ray Ward Dog Behaviourist I use methods which have been fully researched, and are designed to reward desired behaviours, rather than punish bad behaviour.

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