What can I do about off lead dog's in my reactive dog's face.

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Be smarter when off lead dog's approach you and your dog and the owner is unaware of your situation. Most of you it seems, do a great job in this situation and cope well. However, there is never a cure all solution for this situation. What I mean by getting smarter is, when we end up with a reactive dog It is our responsibility to do what ever we can to help that dog, this means in all situations including unaware people and their off lead dog. I have found that if you politely ask the person to control their dog, then they will. I know you come across people that want to have a row about it and start getting abusive, in this case, say nothing broaden your shoulders and move on in the knowledge of knowing that you have won and you have left them standing there with their tongue flapping and their gums banging. Go home, relax and pat yourself on the back because you handled the situation really well and you won. Every situation you go through and win adds another smart tool to your box. You will come across a situation where a dog will follow you, you may have a method to deal with this difficult situation or you may not. Stay calm and firmly tell the other dog to go, you have to be very firm and very calm and I have found it is better to stand still too. There is only so much we can do, we have to accept the situation, we cannot control every dog and owner. Keep calm and polite and don't get involved in dialog with an abusive owner.


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